You just gave an interview for a position that you are really looking forward to. Once the interview is over, you could probably be wondering whether there’s something you can do besides waiting. Well, there is something that could increase the possibilities of you getting the job. Very few applicants do this thing-and that is, following up after the interview.

Now you may be wondering how you should follow up. Well, that is precisely what we will discuss.

Following Up

The first thing that every applicant should do is write a thank you note to the hiring manager for providing you the chance to interview with their facility. You should also reiterate your interest with the job in that note. You can also add any information that would add to your interview. Remember, this is an opportunity to add a little more depth to your initial interview. It could make the hiring manager take a closer look at you in comparison to the candidates who did not follow up.  There are always some questions that people that they could have answered in more detail, well, this is the opportunity to do so.

Reviewing Strengths

Use the letter or email as an opportunity to briefly review your skills, strengths, and values that you can add to the particular organization you interviewed with. Sure, emails are a great way to send follow up letters, but if you want to make your note stand out, make sure that you write it on a decent piece of stationary. It never fails to catch the attention of hiring managers as in all likelihood; it could possibly be the only letter on actual paper.

The Benefit of Writing a Follow up Note on Paper

There are several benefits of following up with a note on paper. It allows you to think clearly and deeply about what you are looking to say and the way you want to say it. It would be wise to form a rough draft initially and make it more precise later on.

In most interviews, the hiring managers provide you an idea regarding where the process heads towards after the interview. They might even give you a rough timeline of how and when things will move forward. In case, the manager told you that he or she will get back to you in a week, it would be wise not to call before the week has ended. After that, calling them as a reminder is more than acceptable.

It may not seem like it, but writing a personalized letter can take you a long way. Sure, it may not work for every interview or candidate but giving it a try could improve your chances by tenfold.