It is important to conduct employee performance appraisals at least once a year. You must give your employees honest feedback, even when it is not a positive one. Performance appraisals must, as a rule, be honest, even if you have to say what your employees might not want to hear.

Remember the following important points when giving constructive criticism or offering praise. 

Write the Appraisal Beforehand

Prepare your thoughts and evaluations beforehand on paper. This way, you can keep a record and not forget any important points when the discussion is underway. This step also works well when handling any legal disputes.

Meet Your Employee in Person for the Feedback

When you have to appraise your employee on his/ her performance, you must schedule a meeting of at least an hour long. Give your undivided attention so that you have ample time to deliver the appraisal and discuss the performance and also invite your employee’s feedback on any concerns.

Explain the Connection of the Appraisal with Your Business Goals

Do discuss with your employee how his/ her performance, areas of improvements and achievements are directly associated with your business achievements and progress.

Make Room for Dialogue

While it is true that you have drawn up the performance appraisal and you are the boss, you need to make sure that the meeting is not a lecture but a conversation. Encourage and address all due concerns and comments from your employee.

Stress upon the Opportunities for Improvements, not Highlight the Failure Constantly

We acknowledge that there is a need to cite failures, especially when the business suffers as a result of it. But at the same time, you must also focus on the employee’s potentials and discuss with them strategies to help them avoid such mistakes in the future.

Set Goals

During the appraisal, make sure you outline the objectives related to your employee’s career aspirations and discuss important steps for areas of improvement.