What It Is All About

You may have seen a lot of brand endorsements on social media. Firms do this to make their presence known and recognized by the masses and to bolster their popularity. Social media recruiting involves this and a lot of advertisements by firms to attract active and passive candidates for their job openings.

The HR department has developed this strategy to attract candidates who are actively seeking jobs, even the passive ones who don’t acknowledge the job ads but are still a part of the job market. Social media always has an abundance of both types of candidates and the sites offer tools that recruit, with third-party software expanding the capabilities.

Recruiting through Social Media

When we recruit through social media, we do not substitute it for advertisements on websites or job boards; we merely supplement these activities with the social media handle. Take LinkedIn, for example. According to a recent survey, around 98% of recruiters are members of LinkedIn.  While this number does not include all active job seekers, it does establish that most younger and competent people engage in social media recruiting campaigns. It is imperative for modern HR, therefore, to reach out to these potential candidates.

How It Works

You can access social media recruiting tools that range from rudimentary levels to advance. While some products that only help you obtain a candidate’s contact number or email, there are others that are equipped with Artificial Intelligence technologies to make social media recruiting even better for you.

There are also vendors present on social media who can help you trace passive yet eligible candidates on the net. The vendors possess software from which they collect data of the relevant candidates through multiple sources. With that data, they create a single profile of the candidates which the applicant tracking system, used by HR teams, picks up.