Interviewing many candidates can seem like a daunting task. Based on one interaction, you have to determine if the individual is a suitable match for your company. A good interview method can become the difference between an unsuccessful and successful company. To properly determine which candidate is perfect for the role, recruiters rely on a few tips and tricks to improve their decision-making. Let’s look at some simple tips to help you conduct a more efficient interview.

Properly Prepare

Before any interview, the recruiter must undergo basic preparation. Make sure to understand the position and write down a list of open-ended questions that relate to the job. Reviewing the candidate’s resume can improve the chances of a productive interview. The candidate may have questions, and you must answer them.

Ask the Right Questions

The main source of information about a candidate lies in the answers to your questions. Hence, proper questions are necessary. Open-ended and behavioral questions such as:

  • Why did you apply?
  • Where did you formerly work?
  • What is your last goal?

Behavioral questions, which ask for specific examples in the candidate’s life, can also indicate how the candidate may perform later in the future.

Be Very Engaging

As a recruiter, you are representing your company to the interviewee. Therefore, being positive and interacting with the interviewee is crucial. Listen to their responses carefully and ask relevant follow-up questions. Smiling and keeping a positive attitude can help relax the candidate. Offering a tour or a glass of water is a good gesture, and the interviewee will appreciate it.

Keep in Touch

After an interview, candidates may feel worried and stressed out. Make sure to inform them about the process and the stage they’re on. Offer constructive criticism in regards to their interview. Letting them know if they got the job by email, phone, or fax is a good courtesy and improves the company image.


We understand that the hiring process is no easy task and, in fact, can be challenging. With the right approach, you can achieve just about anything, and this is the case here. Therefore, make sure to apply the tips and tricks we have discussed. We hope the tips mentioned above make the whole process easier for you. Other than this, don’t forget that you must not come off as intimidating to the candidate!