Nursing is a noble and highly rewarding profession, and its popularity has increased over time. The use of the latest technology has made it more advanced and introduced new features. Nurses play an active role in the treatment of patients and other tasks in healthcare facilities.

The term nurse comes from the Latin word nurture, which means to care for. In the late 16th century, the term evolved and referred to a professional who cares for the sick. 

The World Health Organization honored and acknowledged the services of nurses by celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birthday of the nursing advocate and pioneer Florence Nightingale. It highlights the contribution of nurses and midwives in the health workforce.

Early History

In earlier history, some documents reported nursing as a profession in 300 AD. Moreover, the Roman Empire built up a hospital in different towns under its rule. They recruited doctors and nurses for the care of the people.

In the Middle Ages, nursing as a profession became noticeable in Europe. The concept of medical care got prominence due to the Catholic Church. In this age, more advancements and innovations in the nursing field introduced modern nursing.

In the 17th century, the nursing profession decreased in importance due to some reasons, including the closing of monitories. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church achieved its power again, and hospitals and nurses regained their position. 

Modern Nursing

Florence Nightingale is a well-known nurse who cared for the injured soldiers in the Crimean War in the 1850s. She played a vital role in bringing a change in the nursing profession in the 19th Century. 

From that time, the role of nurses became vital, and its importance increased. Nightingale played a significant role in improving hygiene conditions. 

In 1860, the profession of nursing became more popular after the establishment of the first nursing school in London. Afterward, it introduced further specializations in the nursing field such as intensive nursing care like pediatrics or oncology. In the 20th century, there was more advancement in this field. Today, we see the use of AI and other advanced tools and apps in the healthcare industry.