The job of a nurse is, first and foremost, to advocate and provide care to patients of all religious backgrounds and ethnic origins, and support them through their sickness and recovery process. However, there are several other responsibilities in the roles of nurses.

  • Performing diagnostic tests
  • Collaborating with team members on how to provide patient care
  • Administering treatment procedures and medications
  • Recording and updating symptoms and medical history
  • Provide professional advice and support to patients
  • Monitoring the health, recovery and signs of patients and recording them
  • Advocating the well being and health of patients
  • Operating medical equipments
  • Educating patients on how to manage their illnesses

Patient Care

A nurse provides healthcare to patients and helps in managing their physical needs during illnesses, giving them preventive measures for illnesses and treating health conditions. All through the time when the treatment is underway, a nurse follows the patient’s progress and provides services with their patient’s best interests in mind.

Patient Advocacy

Patients are always a nurse’s priority. It is the responsibility of the nurse to take care of the patient’s well being and dignity and to administer the treatment with the utmost care and devotion possible. A nurse should only act in collaboration with medical professionals when administering treatment and healthcare to a patient.

Planning Caretaking

A nurse has the first say when it concerns the treatment decisions of patients. It is therefore important for nurses to be vigilant and think critically when they are assessing signs of the patients and identifying potential problems so that they recommend the best actions and measures to address the illness. It is in the hands of other medical professionals to make the final decisions when the treatment of the patients comes under questions but it is the responsibility of the nurse to communicate efficiently and effectively all the details pertaining to the health of the patients.

Therefore, nurses must familiarize themselves with the situation of the patients, closely monitor the signs and symptoms and collaborate closely with members of the medical team to ensure the best outcome in favor of the patients’ health.