We are living in an era where high technology, high levels of stress, and high speed heavily dominate the entire world. In all of this, we have far left behind the one thing that is an essential aspect of life: communication. So driven are we by high speed, technology, gadgets and the works that we have completely forgotten the importance of actually listening to one another, an activity which is the base of humanity.

In all the hustle and bustle of life, chasing fancy careers and, high powered lifestyles, we have forgotten what the most important gift is, genuine listening and the gift of devoting valuable time. It is integral to building relationships, ensuring understanding, improving accuracy, solving problems and resolving conflicts. If only we would incorporate more of the art of listening in our lives, we would make our work lives and family lives so much better and conflict- free. Effective listening at work means more productivity, fewer errors and faster progress. At home, genuine listening means you will raise a family that is self- reliant, more resourceful and very capable of solving their problems. Listening carefully helps you improve the quality of your own with successful careers, stronger friendships, stronger marriages and, money -saving.

Maintain Eye Contact

The most important point is to give the kind of undivided attention you would want for yourself when someone is trying to converse with you. Eye contact here is the essential component of effective communication. When talking to someone, look at the person in the eye to assure them that you are focusing intently on what they are saying.

Be attentive

Eye contact does not mean to stare fixedly. Maintain eye contact but have a relaxed posture at the same time. You can look away every now and then but don’t lose focus.

Refrain from Interrupting and Imposing Solutions

When you interrupt or impose solutions, you send a variety of messages across. Those include:

I don’t care about your opinion

I am more important

My point of view is more relevant and accurate

I know it all

I am not conversing with you, I am contesting and, I will win.

Refrain at all times from engaging in a conversational tone that leaves the other feeling unpleasant. Be a relaxed, thoughtful and considerate communicator.