Multitasking is an ability that enables you to perform more than one task at the same time. The term has gained a lot of scrutiny from all schools of thought, making it the subject of a fiery debate. Let’s look at some dominating views on the benefits and limitations of multitasking.


Experts are saying that multitasking is the need of the hour. A popular belief is that multitasking keeps you super active. If you’re working on multiple activities simultaneously, your mind isn’t subject to distractions and diversions from important work.

While multitasking, your brain is prone to doing things quicker. This way, you submit all your assignments within the time limit. Consequently, you progress at a faster rate.

As per the contemporary world where everything is fast-paced and tech-driven, you must engage in multiple tasks at one time. Working on laptops and desktops at your job requires you to engage in multiple things, which becomes a part of your job.

Moreover, multitasking is a depiction of sheer strength and willingness to do more in less time.

It promotes creativity, productivity, and competitive spirit.


When it comes to limitations, another school of thought reveals some startling facts about multitasking being unproductive.

Multitasking coercively demands from the brain to split its attention. Our brains aren’t naturally capable of splitting attention. Doing so is a cognitive burden that can dull our brain.

Multitasking is the ability to switch between tasks, which can make you lose focus. When this happens, you have to backtrack a lot of times. Backtracking reduces your productivity by more than half.

A very popular disadvantage of multitasking is the attempt at mistakes. When you are switching to different tasks all at the same time, you end up making a lot of mistakes, which affects your productivity. You’re conducting so many tasks at the same time that you look back at it and feel you’ve been good workers, but in actuality, it’s just a fake success rate.

Then, it obviously reduces the quality of your work. It influences your performance adversely as it takes longer for you to complete the tasks assigned.


Here, we see multiple opinions on the debate of multitasking being productive or not. All of these present strong views on their respective sides. Now it is on you to choose yours to enhance your productivity at your workplace.