Whether you are in the healthcare industry as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or nurse assistant, you should know some interesting facts about the nursing profession.

Here is a list of fascinating facts about the nursing profession.

One of the main things about nursing is it is among the noblest professions. Nursing is an in-demand profession compared to pharmacists, doctors, engineers, psychiatrists, and others.

  • The first nursing school in New York City was Bellevue Hospital School that offered a one-year-based program. Later, Bellevue opened New England Hospital for Women and Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • The first well-known nursing school in India dates back to 250 BCE.
  • Linda Richards was the first-ever person who earned a diploma in nursing in the U.S.
  • Mary Eliza Mahoney chose the nursing field in 1878 and enrolled in a nursing school. It was under the administration of New England Hospital for Women and Children.
  • Statistics reveal that the field of nursing will continue to grow in the upcoming years.
  • According to an estimate, there will be a 17 percent rise in the growth of employment of registered nurses.

The National Nurses Week starts from 6 May, and the celebrations continue till 12 May. Nursing is one of the challenging positions that require hard work. So, it’s a way of celebrating and appreciating their hard work.

According to statistical reports, nurses walk around 2.5 miles daily. And per 12-hour shift, they walk about 4-5 miles during their work.