Let’s face it; most of us don’t care much about our overall performance until it’s time for the annual performance evaluation. Many of us prefer others to assess our performance and point out any room for improvements because it’s the ‘easy way out.’ However, if you’re talented and productive but aren’t looking to identify your strengths and weaknesses in your workspace, how will you grow and make use of your full potential? You must focus on improving yourself and be consistent.

Remember that every leader knows they are never perfect, yet they constantly work hard to be the best by enhancing their performance from last time. No matter how much everyone appreciates you, you have to boost your performance, especially if you are working with several other competitive co-workers. To stand out, you have to recognize your mistakes and work on yourself without needing anyone else to tell you.

Here are some tips on how you can boost your performance in a competitive work setting.

Stay Focused

Complete your tasks on time and according to how you’ve planned it. You don’t want to be behind schedule. This makes you look like you lack time management skills, and it can also leave you feeling unmotivated. Stay focused by keeping your phone away, avoiding distractions, and staying away from co-workers who will engage you in mindless discussions. However, don’t forget to take SHORT breaks in between. It’s important for your performance.

Set Milestones

Knowing that you have a chunk load of work to do can be stressful. Prioritize your tasks and set different milestones. Reward yourself after reaching each milestone with a break or a snack. Setting milestones will ensure you keep track of your tasks while also motivating you to get done with the rest of your work time.

Improve Communications

Working on yourself does not mean that you need to avoid everyone that comes your way. Engage with co-workers who can help you or guide you through your tasks. Remember that every opinion matters and can be different from one another.

Ensure effective communication between co-workers and managers. It will also give your employers a good impression when they see how well you are with coordination and constructive criticism. Communication is one of the first and key steps when it comes to improving yourself.

Be consistent in your habits and develop an effective working routine and schedule, and you’ll be right on track in no time.