Corporate culture is a common phrase these days. Now more than ever, employees want to work in a setting they feel good about—one that aligns with their work ethic and beliefs. Your nurses have entered a field that helps them make the world a better place, one patient a time. And most are looking for a facility culture that reflects this and helps them deliver care to best of their ability.

Five features of the best healthcare company cultures

Your culture will help you attract talented nurses to your organization—it’s one of the most valuable cards in your hand. To this end, your company culture should focus on:

  1. Training and safety. Nurses need the right tools to do their jobs well. This includes regular in-services about important topics such as sharps safety; proper lifting technique; infection containment; and developments in current diseases such as flu strains, Zika virus, etc. Timely reminders of proper technique and company policy will help your nurses—and your patients—stay safe and healthy.

  2. Idea inclusion. Everyone’s thoughts are important and can make your facility stronger as a whole. During department meetings, you should reinforce the notion that all suggestions shall be heard, considered and respected.

  3. Employee wellness. If your nurses aren’t healthy, they can’t keep your patients healthy. Behaviors such as good nutrition, proper hydration, smoking cessation, adequate sleep and emotional health maintenance should all be encouraged. If your facility has a wellness program, resources should be featured to help nurses stay their healthiest. This can include nutritious food options in the cafeteria and vending machines, water coolers at every station, stop smoking support, a limit on length of shifts, etc.

  4. It’s critical for your workers to do the right thing for the right reason. Your main goal is high-quality patient care, but also employee satisfaction. Unethical practices at work should not be tolerated, and you should hold regular meetings about employee integrity. You should have a staff member your nurses can go to with concerns, who will keep all conversations confidential—a no retaliation policy is essential. You should encourage your nurses to say something if they see something that’s not right occurring at your facility.
  5. Education and career growth. Helping your nurses advance their careers can only help your facility. Opportunities for continuing education are one way to help your staff maintain their credentials and grow in their nursing careers.

Employees care about company culture

Nurses want to be proud of where they work. You can build a strong culture in your facility by employing any of the above practices.

Looking to strengthen your nursing staff?

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