An extended work shift of twelve or more hours is typical for hospital staff nurses. While rewarding and satisfying, being a nurse can also be demanding and exhausting.

Long shifts without a break can be tiring and can quickly cause burnout. Nurses must care for their well-being by taking healthy breaks and having fun! Here are several fun activities you can use to entertain yourself:

Spruce Up Your Workplace

Use your free time to redesign your workplace! Add a little charm to your working environment by adding colorful holders, display pictures, or fun magnets. Besides, you can bring in some greenery to boost your mind and productivity and freshen your work desk!

Create Challenges

What better way to stay entertained while improving productivity than by challenging yourself? Make mundane tasks fun by setting new goals or picking a fun hobby like sewing.

Make the Most of Your Break

Stepping away from your work is the perfect way of recharging. You can bring a puzzle book or crossword to keep your brain active and entertained. You can also go for a stroll or to a nearby with your friend to catch fresh air and feel refreshed.

Try Exercising

Methods such as therapeutic exercise, journaling, and workout routine can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. A few minutes from work can enhance your well-being by combating tiredness and burnout.