Nursing is the cornerstone of healthcare; however, factors like the aging population and practitioners have increased the demand for registered nurses. As a result of this unprecedented growth, travel nurses seek to bridge the gap between supply and demand. Below we discuss the future of travel nursing:

Increase in Travel Nursing during Covid-19

It’s no surprise that the demand for travel nursing exploded during the pandemic. As Covid-19 cases surged and hospitals were packed with ill patients, travel nurses had to work more hours.

During the pandemic, travel nurses faced changing treatment protocols, low levels of personal protective equipment, and limited Covid testing. However, this contributed to an increase in the demand for travel nurses.

Growth in Travel Nursing Post-Pandemic

During the Covid-19, many travel nurses had their contracts extended. Not to mention, thousands of nurses retired in 2022, meaning a large workforce left the profession.

As a result, there are more job openings for new travel nurses today.

Looking Ahead- What Will The Future for Travel Nurses Look Like?

The evolving market indicates continued demand for travel nurses as they help hospitals solve nurse shortage problems. In addition, as the demand increases, so does the opportunity to enjoy a better wage and flexibility.

How to Prepare For This Transition

If you’re a travel nurse or planning to become one, you must create a game plan to stay updated with changing times. As the industry evolves, you must:

  • Prepare for financial impacts
  • Diversify your skill set and enhance your resume
  • Focus on your physical and mental health