As a manager, it can be easy to believe that you’re the leader of a strong team. However, managers and leaders differ greatly from one another. There are a few ways you can be a great leader, so your team is successful and never hesitates to take on more work.

  • Leaders are willing to work with their team instead of just relying on the team to work for One great way to build a healthy team relationship with the people you manage is to listen to them when they come to you with issues. Issues like deadlines, complications in the workplace, and other problems can arise unexpectedly; complications don’t care if you have a big project coming up. Working with your team is important when it comes to task management and effectiveness as a team. You can work on your listening skills by practicing empathy and working to relate to your team on a human level.
  • Leaders are also willing to recognize each person’s strengths. Focusing on the strengths of your team allows you to build up their weaknesses and overall, create a better-built team. As a leader, you should always have the big picture in mind, but you also must consider that everyone contributes to the whole. No employee likes to feel disposable, so make sure every person on your team feels valued, respected, and appreciated for the work they do.
  • It’s necessary to consider the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your team as a leader. A great way to do that is to have weekly or bi-weekly meetings wherein you and your team sit down together to discuss goals for yourself, your team, and the company. If employees recognize that they contribute to the overall health and productivity of the company, they’ll be more willing to work hard and do good work so they can feel the benefits.

Always remember that you’re a leader because someone chose you to be the leader of the team. That’s a big step towards success. Allowing others in your team to feel valued, appreciated, and respected is just one way to make sure your team is competent, capable, and successful.

Happy leading!