Are you ready for your upcoming nursing interview? Practice can help ease your nerves and get you ready to deliver a cool, confident, killer interview. As you prepare, one of your most important considerations should be your answer to the most common nurse interview question.

“Why do you want to work in the nursing industry?”

Of course, a potential employer wants to understand your motivation. That’s because passionate nurses are the best hires — they care about their patients, they’re positive, and they want to make a difference in the world. Who wouldn’t want to work with people like that? Nurses who whistle while they work make the best teammates! So how should you answer this important interview question?

Be a storyteller!

Everyone loves a story. So when you brainstorm your answer to this question, make it in the form of a story. Simply explain the time when you first realized you wanted to be a nurse and how that led you down the road to choosing your education and beginning your formal nursing career.

For example:

“I first knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was 11. My grandmother had fallen and broken her hip, and I went to visit her in the hospital. She was nervous about an upcoming procedure, but the head nurse on her unit was very kind. The nurse came in for a regular visit one day while I was there and was gentle and positive with my grandmother. She explained the procedure and answered all grandma’s questions. I noticed the more she was around grandma, the more grandma relaxed about being in the hospital. I knew then that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, and help them feel more at ease when they’re sick. When I was in high school, I chose a nursing school that I felt would give me the best education. I’ve had experiences working in hospital settings and also with geriatric patients, and I try to be as kind and supportive as the head nurse was with my grandmother.”

It just takes a little planning

Don’t let yourself get caught off guard by nursing interview questions. With a little forethought and planning, you’ll be ready to go come interview day!

A good recruiter can help

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