If asked for definition, employee accomplishments simply refer to the amount of work an employee has completed with a preset period. The employees make use of all their expertise and personal skills in achieving the work target set by their employers within a stipulated time. These works accomplishments define how successful the employee is within his/her role and serves as a tool to measure the engagement and competitiveness of the employee.

There are certain items, which characterize the accomplishments of an employee, as discussed below:

Time Devoted – When an employee is set a work target within a given time period, his/ her accomplishment can be measured by how many hours they spent for producing the expected outcome.

Quality Reached – another important tool is to measure the standards of quality and job requirements that the employee made use of when completing the given tasks.

Efforts – this particularly item takes into consideration the skills set and expertise, which the employee used and exhibited in accomplishing the work goals.

Results – the outcome or the product, which the employee turns in, is the most important factor in measuring the accomplishment of the employee. The employer has to observe how accurate the final product is to what was desired or expected.

When an employee accomplishes targets, their employers must acknowledge their success with monetary or non-monetary compensations such as bonuses or promotions etc. these rewards are essential as they increase the motivation, enthusiasm and willingness of the workforce to continuously strive to improve their performance. When workers are highly motivated and engaged to their maximum potential, they demonstrate better job results and bigger accomplishments.