An essential part of successful employee communication is to hold regular staff meetings. All managers need to meet their employees often to ensure more conflict solving and productivity.

Here are some tips and guidelines to help you organize productive and effective staff meetings:

Regulate the Number of Meetings

We strongly recommend organizing staff meetings at least once in every six months. If needed, however, you could hold an all-employee staff meeting even more often. This works well in managing the workload, time involvement, conflicts and so many other things that would ensure a healthy and positive environment around the organization.

Determine Topics of Meeting

When organizing a meeting, always select topics that would impact the widest cross-section of staff members or as many employees as possible. Some recommendations are:

  • Talking about company goal updates
  • Discussing noteworthy news
  • Acknowledging efforts and giving recognition and praise
  • Invite employee feedback and updates
  • Prepare Ahead of Time

Work on your agenda before time. Include:

  • The purpose
  • Expected duration
  • How much time you will allot to each topic on the agenda
  • What decisions must be made by the end of the staff meeting
  • Seek Feedback from Employees

When you meet with your employees, make it a conversation, not a lecture. Invite suggestions, comments, and feedback from your employees. Show an interest in resolving their conflicts. Ask them for suggestions on the staff meetings that can be further improved.

Avoid the following mistake when organizing staff meetings:

Meetings without a purpose