We all have heard that first impression is the last impression. Many sources give weight to this statement thus proving that approximately 55% of our perception of an individual is based on how they dress. This is all the more an essential factor when dressing up for an interview.

Although there is no certainty that how well you are groomed and dressed is the deciding factor of you securing the job, it, however, does add a competitive edge and increases your chances of making an impressive impact.

To help you dress for success, especially for an interview, here are a few tips in general.

  • For an interview, conservative and professional clothing makes a very positive impression. Any funky, aggressive or loud appearance may convey the wrong message about your character and personality and you just don’t want that.
  • Make sure your clothes have been pressed well so they look clean, immaculate and spotless.
  • Footwear is equally important. Do not fail to pay attention to your shoes. Choose a conservative pair that completes your professional look.
  • Choice of accessories also plays an important role. When dressing for an interview, stick to a well-coordinated look. Complement your clothing with suitable accessories, not those that distract from your outfit.
  • Body and facial piercings may seem hip but they are a far cry from professional. If you have any on yourself, remove them when you dress up for your interview.
  • At the same time, tattoos also work as a distraction. Cover any visible tattoos.
  • Where jewelry and fragrances are concerned, minimal is better.
  • Lastly, make sure that your hair is clean, a conservative color and neatly and modestly styled for the interview.