Focused on solving your most pressing personnel needs, the senior care professionals of Clinical Resources can provide quality interim candidates to address unanticipated vacancies of critical leadership positions.

  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Executive Director
  • Nurse Executive
  • Director / Assistant Director of Nursing
  • MDS Coordinator
  • Social Workers and Activity Directors
  • And more!


Leveraging a database of over 800,000 candidates enables Clinical Resources to deliver qualified candidates fast to help you keep your operations running smoothly. For interim placements, it takes on average 8 days fill a position from the time of receiving a job order, which includes weekends. And we fill 98.21% of our interim orders, vs. a national average of less than 41%

placements, it takes on average 8 days fill a position

of interim orders are filled and 41% is the
national average


For interim staff, Clinical Resources helps manage expenses by Limiting travel home to once per month instead of every weekend. In addition to saving money on travel costs, consultants are available to fulfill client needs 24/7. We also have our own professional in-house travel department, and we set specific goals each year for reducing costs for car rentals, hotels and air fare for our clients. In 2022 we were able to beat our targets by an average of 1.79%

Clinical Resources
expense reduction exceeded our target by an average of