It is easy for new nurses to feel burnt out from their job, which can be overwhelming. The transition from studying the theories to applying them daily to actual patients is not as easy as it might look. Aside from the pressure of wanting to do good at work, nurses find themselves in a fast-paced environment and constantly feel the need to catch up. And more often than not, working fast doesn’t translate into quality work. That’s why a lot of new nurses question whether they have picked the right career path. Below are some tips that can help you cope with the stress and avoid burnout as a new nurse.

Be Prepared

There are instances in which new nurses question themselves on whether they have completed their tasks correctly or not. This can make them feel overwhelmed all the time. You can avoid this by being prepared before going to work. Continuous education is important even after you have graduated from nursing school and earned a license. If you are unfamiliar with a topic, you have encountered at work, review your notes or research about it. This will make you feel more comfortable when you find yourself in the same situation in the future.


Another important thing that you need to do at work is to stop worrying and relax. It is the best way to get rid of stress. By not getting rid of stress, you will be unhappy and burnt out in the long run. De-stressing can also help you stay motivated about work. The best way to relax is to find an activity that you enjoy such as sports or playing video games. You don’t need to take up an expensive hobby. Walking in the park or even just resting during your off days can help you stay happy with your chosen career.

Be Passionate about the Job

Instill in your mind that nursing is more than just a profession but a calling. Not everyone wants to serve other people as much as nurses do. If your heart and mind are telling you otherwise, then it is easy to lose interest in your job. As a new nurse, you should find the subspecialty within the profession that you want to specialize in. If you love teaching, then consider becoming a clinical instructor. If you enjoy being with kids, then find a job that deals with pediatrics. Being a nurse doesn’t mean that you are limited to a job in a hospital.

These are the ways that you can cope with stress as a new nurse. Just follow these tips and you can avoid being overwhelmed and burnt out in the long run.